Monday Download

1.  I went to a Beauty Salon thingy on Saturday b/c my wife let me know I needed a haircut…it had been a while.  (I usually just cut my own hair)

Awkward Moment?

Awkward Moment?

2.  I decided that if I was going to a Beauty Shop then I was getting the most out of it.  I got Highlights for the first time in my life!  I felt like a Baked Potato w/ all that foil on my head?  Holden did a great job though.

3.  Yesterday Awestruck Church kicked off our “CelebReligion” teaching series!  The singing, service and stage were amazing!  (pics below)  I am so pumped about this series.

4.  Winter break at the school allowed us to spend time this week setting up and that was incredible!  Nice to sleep a few more minutes on Sunday morning.

5.  It also allowed time to for necessary bathroom clean up…and I was the only person free to do it!  The glamorous life of a church planter includes cleaning clogged toilets and taking out nasty trash…and preaching. 

6.  Back to the Series…we are making it very clear where we stand as a church on our doctrine and theology this month.  

7.  The first service of our first full year as a church was dedicated to this one truth:  Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and the life.  There is no other way to God other than Jesus.  

8.  Micah is sick…AGAIN…and he said he won’t be well until he can give his fever back to his sister!  🙂

9.  We spent New Year’s Eve at home in bed.  After 10 years of lock-ins and New Year’s events it is so awesome to be at home when the ball drops!

10.  I cannot wait to see what 2009 holds for my family and Awestruck.  I am praying for God to do indescribable things this year!

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