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Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

1.  I say it every year, but this was the greatest Christmas Ever!

2.  We were able to enjoy time with our family and everyone was cheerful.

Poor Elmo!

Poor Elmo!

3.  The kids had one of the biggest Christmas (as far as gifts) they’ve ever had…on a year when Shannon and I had less money than we’ve ever had!  God is so good faithful to provide.

4.  Speaking of gifts…Micah and Ady got a new jeep and almost killed our Elmo Inflatable?

5.  This weekend at Awestruck was one of our better weeks!  God is still blowing our mind with how He shows up EVERY WEEK.

6.  Layden has always been the world’s greatest worship band…and they’re getting better.

7.  Speaking of Layden…those boys flat brought the house down last night at Greene St Club!  It is incredible to me when the best band on stage is the boys representing Jesus Christ.  It was awesome.

8.  Back to Awestruck…we closed out the “Illuminate” series yesterday.  Probably the best teaching series we’ve done.

9.  It never ceases to amaze me that when you focus your teaching on Jesus everything else falls in place.  December was all about Jesus at Awestruck.

10.  Speaking of Jesus…have you watched the Penn Jillette video yet?  Warning:  It will punch most Christians right in the mouth and challenge you. (Watch it Below)

  1. ahahahahaha…I LOVE Ady’s hair and the face she is making in that first picture. That is amazing…that is one of those pictures you look at after you snap the camera and go “YES, this is PERFECT!” Those make the best memories! 🙂


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