Monday Download

1.  My brain was still on vacation yesterday, so I’m downloading on Tuesday.

img_02182.  Our weekend getaway with my family was incredible!  It is the best way to celebrate Christmas…no gifts, no stress, no hustle and bustle…Just family time.

3.  Micah knocked my dad out 3 times in Wii boxing!


Kite Dragging?

Kite Dragging?

4.  We spent a lot of time just hanging out on the beach this weekend.  I learned a valuable lesson about kites…$4 kites work, $14 kites are a waste of money!


5.  While I was away the Awestruck team stepped up big time and had an awesome Sunday worship experience.

6.  I have heard that Evan flat brought it with his sermon!  

7.  Next Sunday we continue our “Illuminate” series and I can’t wait to get back in the pulpit.  It’s amazing what a week away can do for my energy and passion.

8.  Awestruck will be taking up a special offering to help with some families in need at Eastern Guilford Middle School this Sunday.

img_02539.  I am so excited about our new teaching series coming in January.  More details coming very soon.

10.  My family is getting very antsy about Santa showing up next week.  My kids are at such a fun age right now.

    • Mom
    • December 17th, 2008

    Glad you confessed about your kite – your Dad was threatening to post pics of you dragging the kite since you have told the world about him being knocked out by a 3 yr old! He is planning on practicing so that will never happen again, ever wonder where you and Micah get competitive natures?

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