Monday Download

1.  Everyone at our house now has a runny nose!  It seems that we are just gonna be sick all winter long?

2.  We kicked off our “Illuminate” Series this week at Awestruck Church.  I am so excited about this teaching series.

The Tree3.  Big thanks to Ryan and Lauren for putting up the tree for us this week.

4.  The music at Awestruck is different every week and I love that.  You never know what you are going to get when you show up, but you know it is going to be excellent.

5.  The ladies did a great job making it feel like Christmas at Eastern Guilford Middle School.  I thankful that my wife has a knack for decorating.

6.  Speaking of decorating…Our yard is full of tacky Christmas lights and I love it.  Just call me Griswald!

7.  Speaking of Christmas…This will be one of the most exciting ever at our house.  The kids are the perfect age to be pumped about Santa.

Red Bowl8.  Our first ever partner/discovery class was a huge success on Sunday.

9.  We had 25 folks hanging out at Red Bowl and learning about our church and how they fit in at Awestruck.  Can’t wait to see what God is up to.

img_014510.  I am looking forward to spending the weekend at Topsail Beach with my family.  That is how we do Christmas…no presents, just time together and I love it.

11.  We attended the Pleasant Garden Christmas Parade on Saturday.  I believe it is the best free entertainment on the planet.  For $5 anyone can enter and that makes for some interesting exhibits!

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