“Illuminate” will Brighten your Christmas?

illumate-picThe month of December we will be shedding a different light on the story of Christmas at Awestruck Church.  I am so pumped about this teaching series as we talk about the purpose of the Birth of Jesus.  It’s not going to be all about a manger, donkeys and wise men, but more importantly why that process was necessary and what does it mean to us in 2008.  We are shining some light on Jesus’ reason for coming to earth…He came to Illuminate!

12/7  “The Story of the Tree”     12/14  “Shine the Light”    

12/21  “Be the Ornament”     12/28  “The Star on Top”  

  1. I think we are going to come visit with you guys on the 28th. Seems like our pastor may be out of town that day so Encounter is taking that Sunday off.

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