Monday Download

1.  I ate enough Turkey and Ham this week to hold me over until next November!

2.  I was really excited to find out we are doing steak and shrimp for our big Christmas meal.  🙂

3.  I always love getting to see family over the Thanksgiving week, but I don’t always love the travel that is involved.  Believe it or not I love being at home more than anywhere on the planet.

Carolina vs Duke4.  The family went to the Tanglewood Festival of lights w/ my mom and dad on Friday.  Micah pooted on my leg?  (See the video below)

5.  Me and Micah got to go to the Carolina/Duke Football game on Saturday night.  It was wet and cold, but we had such a great time.

6.  Service at Awestruck was incredible today!  I am thankful to EJ Rouse for preaching today.  

7.  EJ and his team are launching Bridge Pointe Church next Fall.

8.  My mom and dad were at Awestruck this morning.  I love it when they are in town and come to church with us.

img_01169.  It was awesome having Brandon from Mercy Mercedes hang out and play guitar with Layden again.  The music was off the hook this morning!

10.  Tomorrow begins a serious week of training for my Triathlon next July.  It’s going to hurt bad.

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