Monday Download

1.  Yesterday was an incredible day at Awestruck!  We had tons of folks show up and more new people.

2.  Nothing gets me more excited than seeing our people bring friends with them…well, except when people decide to start a relationship with Jesus Christ!  

3.  It was really cool to have Brandon and Tanah lead our music w/ Layden yesterday…And Big Thanks to Brandon (B-Real) from Mercy Mercedes for playing lead guitar.

4.  Everyone in my house is finally feeling much better, but we can’t get rid of this silly cough.  Sounds like a smoker’s convention at my house every morning when we all wake up?

Daddy's Boots

Daddy's Boots

5.  Our kids are always doing funny/cute things, but this made us laugh Saturday Night.

6.  I am so proud of our folks for stepping up and “Pouring Out” over the last two weeks!  We donated tons of cans last week and really came through for donations for the Street Watch Team last night.

7.  Speaking of Street Watch…Last night’s “Move. Now.” concert was a great success!  Great music and so many supplies were given to benefit the local homeless.

8.  HOWEVER…what was donated doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the real need in Guilford County.  You should check out THIS WEBSITE to see how you can help!

9.  I just gave 3 links to one Website….That must mean I think you should check it out?

Micah's Lip10.  Erica and Joe became my favorite couple of the year by buying me 4 boxes of Christmas Tree Cakes

11.  Micah got his first busted lip at school this week, but he was tough and has recuperated now.

12.  Due to sickness we postponed “The Challenge” at our house…that resumes this week!  🙂

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