Monday Download

1.  Yesterday was all about the Benjamin’s!  Our sermon on money was actually Fun…still a touchy subject when you talk about peoples finance?

2.  To lighten things up I came on stage wearing a Gold hat w/ a huge blinging $ and a necklace to match.  It also helped that Evan played Puff Daddy’s “It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby”

3.  Layden did an acoustic set with just Guitar and a Djembe drum.   It was incredible.

4.  Speaking of Layden, They are playing a huge show Friday night at Greene St Club in Greensboro!  

5.  Also, they will be playing Sunday night at the “MOVE NOW” concert at Wendover Hills Wesleyan.  (New blog with more info soon)

6.  We collected a ton of cans to help get James off the bus.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

7.  Day 1 of “The Challenge” went well at our house?  🙂

8.  Last week the NC Baptist State convention was in town and it consumed my week.  I am not a fan of useless politics, so I did not enjoy my time at the convention very much.

9.  I did however have a blast at a dinner for church planters on Tuesday sponsored by them!  (Thanks)

10.  No one Got a speeding ticket on the way to church this week!  That is a vast improvement from the last week.

11.  You know that one couple that wants to make the blog every week?  They bought us dinner Saturday night… bribery gets you everywhere.  Thanks guys.

12.  Erica and Joe hooked me up with a box of Christmas Tree Cakes!  They became my favorite couple of the week!  🙂  

13.  Me and Steggy starting training for a triathlon next July.  Our first swim was not pretty at all!  More updates to come.

I love being the pastor of Awestruck Church!!!

  1. Great job yesterday Rev Parrish. I posted about it on my blog Also thanks for the link! enjoy your challenge.

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