Monday Download

1.  There’s this one couple that always works hard to get talked about on the Download…It’s not always pleasant.  🙂  This week I received one of the most encouraging emails in 10 years of ministry from them!  I am proud of you guys and proud of Awestruck church for being a place that God is doing huge things.

2.  My family joined me on stage yesterday and of course my kids stole the show!  That’s why I sent them back to the nursery very quickly.

3.  Me and Micah had matching shirts and they were sweet!  Adyson sang an impromptu version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Well….for her it was “Tinkle, Tinkle ittle start)

4.  In the middle of my message I had an interview with my wife and Heather Blackerby about the frustrations and fear of following God’s big plans for your life.

5.  I have decided to step down and let them preach every week b/c they did so good!

6.  Awestruck will be partnering with Starbucks on Huffman Mill Rd to help get James off the Bus next weekend!  Bring canned goods to church or just drop it off at Starbucks.  

7.  We are also working with Wendover Hills Weslyan Church on Nov 23 @ 7pm for a huge concert and the cost of admission is supplies for our local area Homeless population.  (more details soon)

8.  The first member/partner/discovery (we don’t know what to call it yet?) is December the 7th right after service and I am pumped about getting it going

9.  The first event of the “Bring the Hope” Tour was incredible.  Layden, Banister, and Evan brought it and Josh Stegenga did a great job planning and speaking at the event.  I’m so proud of those guys.

10.  Yesterday might have been the greatest service in our short history as a church.  Tons of new visitors and a great spirit in the place.  Technically, everything went great and our stage is almost like we want it.  I love being the pastor of Awestruck.

  1. So many amazing things going on at Awestruck Church! Feels like every week I can’t make it is the “best week yet” – well I’ll be there next week so let’s go all in! 😀 And the Bring the Hope show was phenomenal. ❤

    • sonshinegirl
    • November 13th, 2008

    Your family is precious…

    Awestruck is AMAZING…

    Anytime we can help others AND have Starbucks is a good time in my book…

    We love having you as a pastor ~ so please don’t step down… 🙂

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