Monday Download

1.  If I keep this up I’m gonna have to call this the Tuesday Download!

2.  Sunday at Awestruck was incredible!  I love the fact that we have new people every week.

3.  I would love it even more if everyone would show up on the same week?  🙂

4.  Brandon and Tanah (probably spelled that wrong?) led the music and it was amazing.  

5.  I am working on a plan to get them to come to my house every morning and sing to me while I spend time with Jesus.  They flat brought us into the presence of God!

6.  This Sunday Layden will be back from their break and ready to rock the house again.

7.  Speaking of next Sunday, this might be one of the coolest things we ever do @ Awestruck.  You need to be there and hear my wife’s side of the give up everything and follow God story.  It is gonna be really powerful.

8.  More about Layden…Those guys are playing the first stop of the “Bring the Hope” tour Wednesday night (11/5) @ Clifton Road Baptist church.  7pm  I’m about to blog about it when I get done with this.

9.  On Sunday I made a quick, silly political comment while I was preaching and I think I might have offended some folks?  That’s why you don’t talk about politics, people don’t think it’s funny!  When I was done I said, “Please don’t try to hand me brochures on the way out to tell me who to vote for”…WELL, some friendly smart butt decided to put them on my windshield instead.  Thanks!  🙂

10.  One of the curtains from our backdrop fell down during worship revealing all the school’s stuff that we try to hide.  You want to take a guess who hung it?  That’s right, ME!  I just found a way to work it into a sermon example.

  1. i find political things funny. no worries dude.

  2. and by the way… heard lots of great comments about how cool it was that you still did great without your silly notes on Sunday. thought it was very cool.

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