Monday Download

1.  I know that it is Tuesday…but my mind is just now recovering from the beach.

2.  Speaking of the beach, we had an incredible time being away to relax and recuperate from a long year of planting Awestruck Church.

3.  Speaking of Awestruck…The team did an awesome job and it might have been the best Sunday we’ve had!  Perhaps I need to be gone more often?

4.  Speaking of Awesome stuff at Awestruck…We are kicking off our new “Overflow” series this week.

5.  Also, this guy will be leading worship and I can’t wait. (Layden is taking a well deserved break)

6.  Back to vacation, those 4 days were precisely what I needed to recharge my batteries and allow me to dream about the future!  My wife and I finalized our Christmas series on the way home!

7.  Adyson stuck a french fry up her nose on the way?  I’m thankful the chicken nugget never made it up there!  🙂  (click on the pic to see more detail)"Look at me!"


On the Pirate Ship

On the Pirate Ship

8.  We got to do all the stuff the kids like to do with out having the kids in the way…haha.


9.  We loved hanging out with Clay and Kim and went to Barefoot Community church on Sunday morning…Incredible!  Thankful for their time and hospitality.

10.  I am back and more pumped than ever about pastoring Awestruck.  I love what God has called me to do!

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