I can almost hear the ocean in this blog?

I am not planning to be anywhere near this blog for the next 5 days, and I cannot wait!  I am looking forward to a few days of retreat and refreshing with my wife at the beach.  We will sit on our balcony and stare at the ocean, stay up way too late, eat at good restaurants…that don’t allow kids 🙂 , read quite a bit, take really long naps, shop a little, eat some more at really good restaurants, walk on the beach, and go to walmart for no reason really late at night.  Our plans are to make no plans for the weekend other than just spend time together.

I am really looking forward to spending a little time the Nesmith’s and my friend Erin, but even that time will be very encouraging and enjoyable.  We are just going to relax for 3 1/2 days and not think about anything but each other!  I cannot wait!  This has been a rigorous and stressful year getting our new church started, and this is much needed escape for me and Shannon.  Big thanks to the team at Awestruck for allowing your pastor to be gone after only 8 weeks of services.  I am so excited that I have a crew of people that I can trust to carry on the mighty work that God is doing in Eastern Guilford County.  You guys are awesome.

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