Monday Download

1.  North Carolina weather never ceases to amaze me!  Last week we were in shorts sweating, this week coats and scraping ice off windshields?

2.  I am going to the beach with the most stunning, intelligent, caring woman on the planet this coming weekend.  This vacation is far overdue.

3.  Yesterday at Awestruck was one of those weird days I knew was coming, but didn’t know when.  You can read below why Weird=Great.

4.  Layden has released a sneak preview of their music.  Listen to it HERE

5.  My kids are really pumped about getting to stay with Nana and Grandaddy Bud this weekend.  They’ve already told us that they will not miss us!?

6.  Awestruck Church is 7 weeks old…it does not seem like it has already been 7 weeks.  I am still amazed every week how God is flowing in Eastern Guilford Middle School.

7.  Did I mention I have a really hot date for the Beach this weekend?

8.  My friend Evan has put his CD back up for sale on his website.  I would recommend you buying it!

9.  I am excited about Steggy sharing his story on Sunday morning at Awestruck.  It might be one of the best weeks we’ve had, and I am not gonna be there.  Proud of the team stepping up to the plate and giving me and Shannon a week off.  (Did I mention how much we need it?)

10.  As much as I love being the pastor of Awestruck Church, I also love romantic get aways with my Queen and I cannot wait to get out of town.  (Didn’t know if I had made that clear yet?)  🙂

  1. I think you made your point. haha
    Appreciate the link, man!

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