Weird Day=Good Day

As a new church you never know what to expect from week to week!  Today was our 7th official service as a church.  We’ve been having around 70 adults each week, even though it seems to never be the same people from week to week.  I knew that some of our most faithful folks were gone this week and our attendance would be down a bit.  Some are gambling away their tithe money in Vegas, some on vacation, some working, and it is Fall break at UNCG.  I did not expect so many of our faithful to not show up!  Here’s the cool part…we had a bunch of new people this week.  Also, there were people from our 1st service, that I figured we had run off permanently, come back for a second visit.  And there were people back this week that visited last week, and that is always exciting.  

It was a great day at Awestruck.  Very different from our normal, energetic service.  It seemed rather somber, but the good kind of somber that had the sense God was speaking deep healing into people’s hearts.  We fear intimacy because we are scared people won’t love us once they get to know the “Real Us”.  It was all about getting honest with ourselves and knowing who we are because of Whose we are.  Powerful, life changing stuff!  God was doing huge things and reminding people of just how much value they possess!  I love doing what I do as the pastor of Awestruck.

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