“Too Scary, Too Scary”

Every time my daughter gets a little frightened of anything she shouts, “Too Caree, Too Caree”. (Carree=Scary in 2 year old talk) As a child we voice our fears and deal with them by facing them! Something happens between childhood and adulthood that forces us to cover up and hide our fears? We are entering into our 3rd week of the “Phobos” series at Awestruck. (See the promo video HERE) We have talked about the fear of commitment due to the fact that commitments put limitations on our thoughts and actions. BUT, when we commit ourselves to God then the limitations of our ways free us up to accomplish the perfect purpose He created us to live out. We talked about the Fear of Death due to the uncertainty of when and how it will come. We cannot avoid death, but we can prepare ourselves by living every day to the fullest and preparing now for our eternity. This week we are talking about the fear of intimacy. Often this fears stems from our fear of people rejecting us once they really get to know us. We will be looking at who God created us to be and how He intended us live out our relationships with others. Intimacy requires being honest with ourself and others…”Too Scary, Too Scary!”. It should be a fun week!

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