Monday Download

1.  Sunday’s service at Awestruck was incredible!  The new stage set up looked great and we finally got to use our new plasma monitors.  Big thanks to Pleasant Garden Baptist church for letting us borrow their projector for the first 5 weeks.

2.  I was at the Catalyst Conference last week and got blown away by all the great teaching and worship.  I really want one of those big circular screen things they had on stage!

3.  We really missed having EJ and the team from Bridge Pointe this week.  Those guys are going to do amazing things with their new church.

4.  My little princess is sick today and I have been hanging out with her.  She is finally taking a nap.

5.  I will be speaking at the BCF at UNCG tomorrow night…I’m pumped!

6.  Steggy is really pumped about that too, but not because I am speaking?

7.  Micah (my 5 year old) has started turning our own words against us.  Every time we make a decision for him that he doesn’t like he says, “That was not a good choice”.

8.  We might have found our place to hold the first Awestruck “member/partner class” in November.  That is a good thing.

9.  6 weeks into being the pastor of Awestruck, I love doing what I do more everyday!  God is doing huge stuff every week and I am just along for the ride.

    • “Mrs. Sheila”
    • October 13th, 2008

    oh my…I wonder where Micah EVER heard those words!?!

    hope Ady is feeling better!

    “Mrs. Sheila”

    • Andrew
    • October 14th, 2008

    Where are you speaking at on UNCG? And what time?

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