Catalyst 08

I have just arrived home from Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Ga as I type this.  What an amazing experience.  It challenged me to no end with all the speakers, worship, and the time I spent with some amazing guys.  Leadership is not an easy task!  Catalyst reminded me of the great calling that has been placed on my life as the pastor of Awestruck.  My wife asked me which speaker or talk stood out, and I don’t know that I can place my finger on one particular person.  I can say that the combination of the knowledge and inspiration I was flooded with over the past two days has me in a bit of tailspin right now.  The main insight I walked away with is this:  Everything hinges on leadership!  I have been called to lead, but not necessarily take all the responsibility on my own shoulders.  Great leaders guide their organization in a way that keeps every aspect moving forward by placing the right people in the right place, and then communicating and leading the right people.  Don’t know that I can even make full sense of that statement yet, but I plan to unpack it and begin to let it impact Awestruck in the very near future.  

A very big thank you to Mike for allowing me and Steggy the opportunity to be at Catalyst!  I enjoyed our time together.  You always challenge me to think outside my own comfortable box.  Thanks so much for everything.

  1. that’s quite a statement about leadership. crazy big. excited for you to teach me about this! 🙂

  2. When asked to describe Catalyst to a group of people in 1 or 2 words, I wrote amazing and awful. While this conference had moments of incredible worship and spectacular messages, there were also moments of disturbing worship and terrible messages. I didn’t expect Catalyst to be a mediocre conference.

  3. Hi Karl,
    What was interesting to me was some of the sessions that weren’t my favorites were loved by some of the guys I was with? I think that is the beautiful thing about Catalyst, it has something for everyone! Sorry you did not enjoy your experience.

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