Monday Download

1.  I used the potty at a Gas Station that had a Table Leg as a key chain!

2.  Shannon and I spent the weekend @ Hyco Lake and it was a refreshing Get Away

3.  In the middle of our retreat I did one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever been part of.  (Congrats to Chris and Kasey!)

4.  My kids were at the beach all last week, and me and Shannon stayed out way too late every night.  I am trying to recuperate now.

5.  We almost got attacked by one of the largest birds I have ever seen while driving on Friday.  I thought it was going to pick up the Honda and fly away?

6.  Sunday morning at Awestruck was another incredible day!  Lots of first time visitors and God doing big stuff in people’s lives.

7.  We were missing 5 of our set up/tear down team, but thanks to Joe and Erica, we got it done!  Holly came through and handled the presentation and sound.  Encouraging to have folks step up to the plate.

8.  Week 2 of “Phobos” is going to be huge…I can’t wait!  Should actually be able to use our new stage set up this week?

9.  Shannon hooked it up with Pizza Dogs last night for dinner.  That is what we are going to eat in Heaven.

10.  The Cubs have once again proven to me that God has a sense of humor.  I still believe!?

  1. So what exactly is a pizza dog? It sounds interesting.

  2. A pizza dog is a Hot Dog with Pizza Sauce, Cheese, and Pepperoni on top. Make sure you warm it in the microwave so the cheese melts real good. We shall eat pizza Dogs in Heaven, they are that good!

  3. So you actually put the actual hot dog meat on the bun with all of this stuff too?

  4. Yep, just replace your normal condiments (mustard, ketchup, chili..etc) with pizza toppings. We discovered them at Orange Julius in Carolina Circle mall when I was a kid. I have been addicted ever since. 🙂

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