Monday Download

1.  I have not blogged all week and it was a great break.  I am stoked to see my total reads go over 5,000!  I realize some folks get that many a day, but for me it was a huge milestone.

2.  The Chicago Cubs are officially the NL Central Champions!  Can they carry their momentum into the post season?  I believe this could be the year.

3.  Awestruck Church is officially 4 weeks old and getting stronger each week.  God is doing huge stuff in the the hearts of some folks every week.

4.  I am the father of a 5 year old now…I am getting old.

5.  “Phobos” series starts this Sunday and we are talking about the fear of Commitment.  There might be a big surprise…like an 8ft long, slimy surprise?

6.  We will be adding to our stage design and the way people “monitor” our words and video this week.

7.  Layden played last Wednesday at Greene Street Club and I think they were the best band on the bill!  I love when the guys that lead our worship get invited to do their thing for unconvinced people at the bar!

8.  HSTOS starts the “Bring the Hope” Tour at the end of the month.  See the video below and check out HSTOS right HERE.

9.  I am really jacked up about going to Catalyst next week…I am a Catalyst virgin

10.  The Awestruck team continues to amaze me with their hard work and commitment

  1. Slimy 8 foot surprise? So its one of THOSE kind of churches is it?


  2. Oh yes, our true roots are starting to show! 🙂 Nothing like some back mountain fundamentalist free will worship to get the people excited? You are welcome to join us?

  3. I actually do wanna come check it out sometime.

    • Erica
    • October 2nd, 2008

    I LOVE our church!!!! And I am so psyched about this upcoming series!!!! If I can get a video of the intimacy-phobia week that would be great. BTW…I will have to bring you the picture of me in Miami with the albino python around my neck. 🙂

  1. September 29th, 2008

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