Monday Download (on Sunday)

I will be busy and out of town tomorrow so decided to download tonight.

1.  Me and Ryan found a huge sliding board and took a random detour to play like kids!

2.  Micah turns 5 tomorrow and we have been celebrating all week long!  It has been a blast.

3.  Adyson is upset that she can’t have a Birthday until March?

4.  God moved in a big way today at Awestruck Church.  One young man made a decision to follow Jesus and many others made decisions to get their relationship with God in order.

5.  Evan continues to amaze me with his video and Layden is still the greatest worship band around.

6.  My wife and I went on a date Friday night…nuff said

7.  I am pumped about being asked to serve on the leadership team for our association.  Heading for a 2 day retreat in the morning with those guys.

8.  I got to shoot an AK47 for the first time in my life and loved it. 

9.  Our Collision series ends next Sunday.  3 people from our church have been in a wreck this week so we are going to talk about happier stuff from now on.  😉  Maybe we’ll talk about winning the lottery and see how that plays out?

10.  After three services, I still can’t believe that I get to do this with my life.  I love being the pastor of Awestruck Church!

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