Micah’s Birthday Week

This has been Micah’s birthday week and we have been celebrating his glorious achievement of surviving 5 long years.  His birthday is not until 9/22, but we decided that we would do special events the week leading up to his big day.  He was pumped to go hear his favorite band Layden on the main stage of the Greensboro Carnival Thursday night.  He thought it was very cool that had set up all those rides and games for the Layden concert.  His party was last night and he proved his rock star status.  Tons of people were there as we pulled up and he chose to run around the back side and sneak up on everyone.  It was a “Knight in shining armor” party complete with princesses and valiant knights.  (I’ll post pictures soon)  He got to choose what we did yesterday and he wanted wings and a playground.  I took the kids to Buffalo Wild Wings and then we proceeded to play!  Everything was great until a big group of Home Schoolers (too big and too old to play on a playground) showed up.   They took over the playground and almost stepped on Adyson twice…Daddy was not happy and I am not sure I represented Christ very well after the second time?  Oh well, they definitely heard me and got the point.  🙂  Today is skatepark day so I will be very sore when I preach in the morning.  This has been a great week, inspite of the home schoolers.

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