The story of 2 very large, very dangerous pieces of Steel

Two things…I love doing extremely random acts of nonsense, and I love overcoming a new challenge!  Yesterday was a day for both.  A friend informed me he was going out shooting his new gun and I quickly invited myself along.  We didn’t know the exact location of farm we, well he, had been invited to shoot.  We missed it completely.  Here is the good news, after we turned around and headed in the direction of the farm I noticed one of the largest playground slides that I have seen since I was a kid.  The kind of slide that has been outlawed and discarded by insurance companies.  I screamed, “Look at that slide!  We have to go back!”.  To my delight he whipped the car around and within a matter of minutes we, well me at least, found ourselves giddy with excitement as we stared at one of the greatest playground apparatuses still existing on the planet today.  I nervously approached the ladder and began my 25 foot climb to the top.  Incredible!  It was well worth the detour to take part in such nostalgic event.  I plan on going back as often as possible.  

Speaking of large pieces of dangerous metal…we finally made it to the farm and began our shooting.  To be clear, I have only shot a handful of guns in my life…Never a handgun and never an AK47!  He had both.  I didn’t know what to expect when I pulled the trigger of the wonderfully manly assault rifle, but I couldn’t wait.  I squared it up on my shoulder and lined up my sights, then pulled the trigger….nothing?  I forgot to take the safety off.  It was a funny moment as I took a deep breath and started over.  Almost as funny as the last shot I took that accidentally hit a power pole, one of the big metal deals that support numerous lines.  Yeah, I hit it square from about 100 yards and the sound it made was terrifying!   We probably should have aimed in another direction?  All in all it was a great get away day for me.  Tons of stress relief and fun.  That dude even bought my lunch after I invited myself and then shot all his amo.

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