What Themes Drive You?

 Last night and this morning I have been reading through my old blogs.  It was fun, and very challenging, to be reminded of the celebrations and the struggles throughout the adventure of getting Awestruck up and running.  A few things stood out as I read.  First, I have become a better blogger as I have become more honest in my posting.  Secondly, 4 major themes dominated my writing over this past year.  Those 4 themes are still very evident in our church right now.  They are Expectancy, Disappointments, Excellence, and Dependance.  From day one I started this journey expecting that God was going to do something huge.  I have prayed big prayers and dreamed impossible dreams for Awestruck.  Along the way we have faced many set backs.  Our coffee shop never got off the ground, we struggled with finding our location, and some of the people we thought were on board never showed up.  With each disappointment came strong emotions and pain, but it never quenched my sense of expectation that God was up to something bigger than I could plan.  We strive to do all things with excellence.  The toughest lesson is learning that excellence does not equal perfection!  From our planning to our execution, we have always looked for ways to do things better.  There is definitely a fine line to walk between being frustrated when something is not up to standard and being inspired to work harder to set a new standard with everything we do.  Our first service was a great example of our desire for excellence.  All the hard work and planning paid off.  We were nowhere near perfect, but we did everything to the best of our ability.  Finally, God has shown us time after time that we are nothing without Him.  He is the one that called me.  He is the one that set the path before me and opened all the right doors.  He is the one that does the work in people’s hearts.  This is His church!  I have learned dependance on God on a whole new level through this journey to Awestruck.  I am nothing without God.  Awestruck is useless without the power of God changing lives.  

Planting a church or not, what are the major themes that dominate your thoughts and actions?

  1. Josh, excellent comments on getting started with Awestruck. God has great plans for you and your church. Watched many of your comments. There are people you will reach as God leads them to you and you are led to them.


    Enjoyed meeting you at the Leadership Team meeting. Looking forward to seeing and hearing how God works.

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