Monday Download

My thoughts over the last last week have run the full scale from elation to frustration.  Here are is my attempt to download my mind.

1.  Awestruck’s first service went off without any major glitches!

2.  The week leading up to Awestruck’s first service was full of glitches..but I don’t think our worn out bodies and frazzled minds were too evident to all the nice folks that showed up.  🙂  

3.  Me and Steggy (Pastor of Guest Experiences/Connections) almost had a real life collision Saturday night while putting out the directional signs.  One of the stands got caught in the steering wheel while going around a curve and it gave us, and the poor people in the PT Cruiser in the other lane, a nice scare.  Church planting can be dangerous?  Glad we survived, because he did a great job with the welcoming and greeters!

4.  Layden is the greatest band on the planet and it translated well in their worship set.  I am so pumped to have those guys at Awestruck every week.

5.  Evan has created some outstanding videos for our Sunday morning services.  Check this one out.  I am excited about filming a special video this week to use this Sunday.  You just have to show up to see it.  That dude is living up to his title of Pastor of Creative Navigation!

6.  Our children’s area is so cool.  I wanted to just hang out back their instead of preach.  One little girl didn’t want to leave and asked if she could come back tomorrow.  I’m so proud of the team for the work they put into decorating and teaching.

7.  Many of the people that showed up Sunday are planning on coming back!  It must have been my sweet Orange Sherbert coat that won them over?  (haha)  We had a bunch of folks that haven’t been to church in many years, and several of them are on the returning list.  God is good.

8.  Starbucks donated the coffee for our first week and Heather is the best “minister of beverage dispensation” that a church could ask for!  (we are into creative names around here)

9.  I have the coolest podium/table to preach from on the planet!  Big thanks to Nate for all his hard work on that and his welding skills.

10.  Finally…one day into being an official pastor of an official church I am loving what God called me to do!  I can’t believe I get paid for this…wait, I don’t officially get paid for it yet?  🙂

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