Are we there yet?

I feel like all my recent blog posts are all about what we have accomplished on a daily basis.  The aggravating To Do list that has taken on a life of it’s own.  Perhaps these posts are more to remind me a year from now how much work we put in and how much of it came together in the last days before our first service.  On that note, here comes some more talk of what is now finished.  We built our own “pipe and drape” and they were finished last night.  Pipe and drape is nothing more than a curtain hung on pipe to create a sort of false wall.  Many told us that we were crazy to attempt this project, but we did it and saved about $500 in the process.  For the record, I don’t advise anyone else to take this on unless you have a great welder on your team!  (Thanks Nate)  Parts of our sound system arrived today and Don’s Music City hooked us up with some of their inventory to complete our system.  We have more than enough power and speakers to blow the doors off the place.  The problem: it will not be finished until tomorrow afternoon which means no run through/practice like we had hoped.  The Good news: John, who is putting our rack together, just so happens to be the bass player for Layden and he will be there to set it up on Sunday!  Tomorrow is a big day as we haul all our stuff into Eastern Middle and begin the process of setting everything up.  I am wondering if it will all fit and if it will all look like I imagined?  I can’t wait to see how the school looks after it is transformed into Awestruck Church.  I will post some before and after photos tomorrow evening.

  1. i am there.

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