My List has Changed

If you had asked me a year ago what we would need to start a church I could have given you a list of standard necessities.  Some of the things I would have never included are 8 inch long bolts, large sheets of scrap metal from the DH Griffin yard (that is one interesting place!), shower curtain hooks, numerous trips to home improvement stores and Walmart, bed sheets, 10 ft long pieces of conduit, 50 feet of rope, and velcro.  The one thing I would have put on the top of that list has not changed.  The number one thing is a calling from God to start a church.  A close second would be a conviction that you will trust Him wherever He leads.  And the third thing would the dedication to keep going when it doesn’t make sense.  (and everyone around you reminds you that it doesn’t make sense)  

With only 2 1/2 days to go before the official beginning of Awestruck, I am sitting back and reflecting on how incredible this adventure has been.  From the day we made the leap and left Clifton Road until now so many things have changed.  All the plans I had in my mind have not come into fruition, but all the plans God had for Awestruck have fallen perfectly in line!  Our vision has not changed since day 1, but our location, demographic, methods, and dreams have all been shifted.  God is in the business of Colliding His plans and purpose into our life when we least expect it.  The question is never “if”, but “when” God impacts our life how will we respond.  I think we have followed directly in line with where and what God wanted us to do.  (even though it took us a while to get it at times)  With 3 days to go, I am so pumped to see what God has in store for the future of Awestruck Church.  Sunday can’t get here soon enough (then I can get all this stuff out of my house 🙂 )!

  1. it’s a beautiful collision. 🙂

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