I don’t have time for this? (you should make time to read this)

What a crazy week!  I have not had time to do much blogging, twittering or any of our social media this week.  To be accurate, I have never seen a chicken run around with their head cut off, but if it is anything like what I imagine it to be then that is what I have resembled all week.  Tons of stuff has fallen in line for Awestruck over the past few days and I can’t wait until 9/7/08!  Only 10 more days and we finally get to put into action all the prayers, tears, dreams, and plans we have been making over the last 331 days.  I have been saying “Booyah” a bunch this week?  I have been excited so I am allowed.  

Our sound system is going to be incredible thanks to Don’s Music City and their desire to be part of what God is doing through Awestruck.  Thank you Jim for believing in our vision.  Our signs should be done very soon, like maybe today.  We have found a great deal on a great projector…finally!  Starbucks has donated the coffee for our first sevice and we have the equipment to serve it up right.  The pipe and drape and backdrop for our stage will be finished by Sunday.  (Could be a long workday for the Awestruck crew.)  Our children’s area is 99.999% complete thanks to our friends at Pine Ridge Church, my wife and Aubrey working so hard.  The videos for our service are going to be off the charts thanks to Evan.  I think he even impressed himself with these.  Layden is ready to flat bring it with our music!  I will warn you that if you are expecting the typical “follow the bouncing ball” type worship, then you might want to visit another church.  Those guys are going to rock out.  Steggy (our pastor of guest experiences) has it going on with our welcoming and greeting stuff.  I have been preparing my message for 10 months now, so it better be pretty good.  Most importantly, by lunch time today Awestruck will officially be able to call Eastern Middle School home!  It has been worth all the hassle and frustration to be able to meet in this incredible facility.  Thank you Mr. Ferrell for all your hard work and accommodation.  Like I said, this has been a busy week.  I know that I have forgotten about some folks and stuff, but you get the idea. I am amazed and gazing in wild wonder at all God is doing behind the scenes for Awestruck.    Get ready Eastern Guilford county, we are coming.

  1. No clue how it is all getting done…. but it is….
    God is working! He’s doing bigger things than we ever could!

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