I Don’t do Yoga!

Last Christmas my wife surprised me, I mean my kids, with a Wii and we have been loving that thing.  I am not a typical video game guy.  Until we got the Wii, I had not had a video game system since the 6th grade when we got our first Nintendo.  We never played anything but Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on that deal!  I just don’t get into playing games inside, but I love the Wii.  What I love is that my kids can play along with me and I can “knock them out” in boxing without anyone calling DSS on me.  On Sunday night we finally obtained the new Wii Fit!  It was almost harder to find than the Wii itself.  My wife showed the same excitement that I did when we found Rock Band a couple of months back.  I have to tell you that I am loving the Wii Fit games.  They are not as exciting as Madden ’09 for most hardcore gamers, but for me it is exactly what I like.  Very cool stuff like skiing and hula hooping.  (Don’t laugh, that hula hooping will whoop your tail!)  Last night Shannon convinced me to try some of the Yoga on there.  Yoga?  I am 230 pounds, I don’t do Yoga!  I am a manly man that lifts weights.  I finally gave in and the entire family participated.  It was one of the funniest sites ever in the Parrish house as me and the kids attempted different poses.  They say laughing burns calories, so that might have been the only health benefit to that session.  We voted and Adyson and Micah are definitely better than I will ever be at doing Yoga, but it was a blast.

Here is a video of our first few days with the Wii.  Enjoy.

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