“Shhhhhhhh!” (Learning to Hush)

As I continue my adventure into becoming the man and the pastor that God has created me to be, I am learning some tough lessons!  My top 5 strengths are Communication, Woo, Positivity, Activator and Strategic.  This means that I talk a lot and often speak and act before I think!  That is the down side of my top 5.  The upside is that I live life with passion and I love people.  The combination of these things either makes me the greatest motivator or the most offensive person you have ever met.  It all depends on the circumstances.  If I am tired, frustrated, and completely run down (like I have felt the last few weeks) then I become way too honest and speak my opinion very boldly in a way that can be exasperating to people.  Over the coarse of my life I am learning how to just keep my lips zipped in most situations.  “If you can’t say anything nice then say nothing at all”.  I am learning how to be less abrasive with my statements, but when I am weak I have temporary relapses into the old Josh that just says it like it is!  Often times the best things we can say is nothing at all.  I am talking to myself today.  Just because I have the right solution or the right answer doesn’t mean that people are ready to hear it.  “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”  “Seek to understand, then be understood.”  I have all the right knowledge and cute quotes anyone could ask for, the hard part is living them out.  Thus is the adventure into Awestruck.

  1. thank you for teaching me this too. i really am thankful for what God is up to in our hearts as well as our mission of Awestruck. unbelievable is all my “futuristic-ness” can muster. thanks

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