Another Great Week (in spite of me)

Amazing!  Mind Blowing!  Awestruck…that is what we are.  I don’t know that we could have picked a better name for this adventure.  We are still amazed that we have made it this far.  I just got off the phone finalizing all the stuff that needs to faxed in for final confirmation of Eastern Middle.  We are in there like swim wear.  I never ceases to shock me that on the weeks I struggle with doubt the most, God comes through in the most powerful ways.  You’d think I would have figured this deal out by now, but somehow I always get anxious and scared when it doesn’t seem like everything is lining up.  God is so amazing.  

Wednesday night we did our first service project at Eastern Middle.  We planted 24 monkey grass and 12 nandina bushes around the flag pole up front.  We have also ordered our sweet signage, and updated our myspace page this week.  New Horizon church, that meets at Southeast High School, sent us a check this week.  We love those guys!  An individual has come through with the money to cover one our unexpected costs this week.  This has been a great week, in spite of all my worry and unnecessary concern.  With all that God has provided up to this point, I can’t wait to see the incredible things He has in store once we get started in 16 days!

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