Leaking out my Ears…

My mind is full right now!  I don’t know that my brain could handle one more piece of info or responsibility.  We are 20 days from the start of our new church!  Awestruck becomes official in 3 weeks!  Officially what, we aren’t sure, but we will officially be something very soon.  In my true fashion, I have waited till the last minute for a ton of stuff that has to get done.  I am thankful for the team around me that is stepping up to the plate and making big stuff happen!  We have, or will be getting most of what we need very soon.  Just a few more details to nail down with our location and we will let everyone know where we are meeting.  That is one of the unique pieces of our puzzle that God is putting together.  Most people find a place to meet and then plan around it.  We just kept on planning until we found a place to meet?  God has provided a perfect place only minutes off of Highway 85.  It is right in the middle of Eastern Guilford county.  It might be a school?  (Those are all hints, but I don’t want to give the name until it is official)  

I am pumped about every aspect of Awestruck!  Our children’s area is going to be insane.  The crew has worked so hard and Aubrey is going to do a great job leading.  Nate has welded me a custom podium to preach from!  Are you kidding me?  I have a one of kind podium that all pastors will be jealous of.  Steggy is getting our connections stuff together.  The ideas and creativity are flowing right now.  We truly are taking an adventurous approach to starting this church and having a blast doing it!  I will fill in more details over the next few days.

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