Awestruck live on the air?

We have a myspace, facebook, twitter, and a youtube page, BUT now we are going “live”.  Well, not quite yet, but we are setting up our channel on Mogulus so we will be ready.  We will soon be doing some live broadcasts with all your favorite folks from Awestruck.  Interviews with Layden, Steggy from HSTOS and some other surprise guests.  You can ask us questions, make fun of us, send us some love and just join in the fun of getting Awestruck started.  Most importantly, you can see all the madness that goes into setting up for our first service on the evening of Sept 6th.  You can click here to see our channel on Mogulus.  Stay tuned constantly, because you never know when we could pop up live!

  1. hey there!

    does this mean that i’ll get to listen to you preach and analyze every little word? ha! don’t worry, from what i recall, you do a great job preaching and not getting wishy washy or distorting anything, so you should be alright. 🙂

    just thought i’d say hello. hope all is going well.

    tell shannon hello for me. and while your kids are pretty stinkin’ cute, i think my boys could give them a run for their money. of course, i am biased. 🙂

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