Embracing my Insanity

I have said it before, but it is worth repeating, “It takes a church planter to understand a church planter”.  Someone told me that before we started our adventure of starting Awestruck, but I did not believe them until we got into this deal.  There is something unique (that is a nice word for weird, odd, and unstable) about church planters.  It takes someone that is, well, not normal to think that going out on your own with no money, people, or location to start something from the ground up is a great idea?  I have to tell you that I have fully embraced my “uniqueness”, and am having the time of my life.  I love spending time with other guys that are just as insane as I am.  We had a great lunch with this guy today.  He and his crew are just as wacky as us!  Being in a situation where if God doesn’t come through then you fail is the most exciting place to be!  I love hearing how God is coming through and providing for those of us He has called to take huge risks and have the faith that He will do exactly what He promised.

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