IIWTP Part 3…I Can’t Do it Myself

If I were the pastor…I would not micromanage the originality and personality out of my staff.  I have seen this way too many times.  Some pastors feel the need to oversee every aspect of every ministry in the church.  I have been very guilty of this with the people gracious enough to volunteer in my past ministries.  As a result, you end up with a bunch of leaders that conform to what the Pastor wants done and your best leaders usually leave.  True leaders in a church have been gifted by God to do what the pastor can’t.  I believe that is why God gives pastors a staff.  The church staff are more than the support system for the pastor’s plans, they are originators and pioneers of great new ideas that lead the church closer to the vision that God has given the pastor.  (That statement might be worth reading a few more times before continuing.)

Now that I am the pastor, I will do everything I can to empower and encourage my leaders to function in the gifts and talents they possess.  A statement that I hear all the time at my house is “I can do it myself”.  If you have young kids then you understand this.  They want to do everything with no help.  If we try to help them it often leads to a tears and some sort of tantrum?  As a pastor I am learning to get past the “I can do it myself” mentality!  There are some things that I could do, but not with the level of excellence as someone on my team who has more passion and skill than I do in that task.  I am learning to lead my leaders and set them free to accomplish great things.  They know the vision and purpose of Awestruck, and they have a desire to see our church become all that God wants us to be.  My leadership team is making huge things happen right now as a result of me taking my hands and plans out of what I have trusted them to do.  I hope to never micromanage them to the place of becoming miniature Josh’s.  My desire is to see them do what they do best, and as a result our church will reach our greatest potential.

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