IIWTP Part 2…Doing What Only I can Do

If I were the Pastor…I would not neglect my wife and kids.  Ministry is a 24 hour a day position with the the expectation of being available to all people at all times.  Pastors are expected to give guidance, love, and support to the people in our church.  These are great things to do, but in the process we wear ourselves out and having nothing left for our own family.  I have been guilty of missing events with my family to spend time with other people.  I have missed out on enough valuable time that my kids now ask, “Is daddy going with us?” when they get dressed for an evening outing.  I left my own birthday dinner one year to make a hospital visit!  Pastors are great at being spiritual leaders for every family in their church, and often that leads to the neglect of their own wife and kids.

Now that I am the pastor I am making it my top priority to spend as much time as I can to love on my wife and youngins.  I have two responsibilities in life that only I can accomplish: Being a husband to my wife, and a Daddy to my kids.  There will be occasional situations that I have to be away, but gone are the days where I constantly choose the needs of others over the time my family needs from me.  I have made this commitment to my wife and communicated this very clearly to my leadership team.  I want to be the greatest husband and father that I can be.  I believe this is the greatest example I can set for the folks at Awestruck.  My number one value, outside of growing closer to Jesus, is loving and leading my family.

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