IIWTP Part 1….Being Real

If I were the pastor…I would not feel the need to act more spiritually accomplished than I really am.  That is one thing that bugs me about pastors.  It only worsens when you put a large group of pastors together in a room.  I hear a lot of bragging about the great things God is doing, but very rarely hear of the real life struggles and dilemmas they face.  I am not saying that I want to make my life an open book and air all my dirty laundry for my church, but I believe it is crucial for my church to understand that I am human.  When I asked my leadership team what they expected of me, the first response was to be the moral, ethical, and spiritual leader of the church.  Simple enough?  I am convinced that part of setting the spiritual bar high is letting people know when I struggle and how I am working hard to grow in my relationship with Jesus.  

One thing I will prioritize and value now that I am the pastor is being honest about my personal journey with Jesus Christ.  I am also bothered by what happens at the opposite end of this spectrum, a trend of pastors that feel the need to take on the habits and behaviors of a lost world in order to reach lost people.  I am aware of the things of my “old self” that I still struggle with, but because of God I have been able to let go of my past addictions and bad habits.  God is in the business of making us “new creatures”!  Getting there is sometimes difficult, but people need to understand that you can make it.  Being real and honest in front of the people that I am called to lead earns me the right to be heard and respected.  I do not need to put on the false front of a spiritual hero with no problems, or behave and cuss like people that have not yet experienced the life changing grace of Jesus in order to be a good Pastor.  I just want to be me, doing what God has called me to do.  As a pastor I want to be honest about my struggles, but lead people to a close, intimate relationship with Christ that brings about newness.  That is the adventure I am on and I have been called to be their guide.

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