Each Dead End brings us Closer

I believe that one of the greatest challenges in life is understanding the difference between what we want and what is necessary.  Deciphering between the good and the best.  Distinguishing who we are and who we are not.  This dilemma of our human nature translates into every decision we make.  If we do not understand who we are, then we struggle with what we value and prioritize.  My journey through life has been a process of self discovery.  I have traveled many roads that led to dead end and rejection, but each one has brought me closer to becoming the man that God created me to be.  As I continue to understand who I am and the purpose that God has for my life, I rearrange my priorities to fit the plan He has for my future.  

The easy trap to fall into is choosing to fit in rather than fulfill your purpose.  The easy path is to choose to look, act, and function in the same manner as the masses.  Just look around and follow the customs and thoughts of everyone else.  The problem with this path is that it never leads to being the individual that God created you to be.  We must discover who we are and who we are not.  We must step away from what is acceptable, and go against the flow.  The good truly is the enemy of the best.  God wants the best for you!  In order to discover His plan then we have face the resistance and swim upstream.  Stop thinking so much about what other’s think and focus more on how much God has in store for your life.  Often this means that we will stand out and open ourselves up for criticism.  Just remember that people usually criticize in others what they dislike most about themselves.  Take the criticism as confirmation that you are doing the things they wish they were doing.  Be encouraged to live the life that God has specifically chosen you to live.

  1. thanks for that… needed that today!!
    like the new blog look!

  2. my fave so far.

  1. August 8th, 2008

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