Random Weekend Update

It’s Monday and I am feeling the impact of a crazy weekend.  I felt like I was in college again for a few days.  On Friday the boys from Layden played to a sold out crowd at a local club in Greensboro.  It was 80’s night and I had to dress up?  I now remember why we threw all those clothes in the trash!  Let me also say this, I love that the worship band for Awestruck is talented enough to be invited to play in local clubs!  I realize that “good church folks” aren’t supposed to hang out in bars, but how many people from those bars are you reaching by being “good church folks”?  Just a thought that you can categorize as my random rant for the day.  Anyway, as I was saying before my mind drifted…Friday night I was so proud of Layden.  In my opinion they were the best band that played that night, and they represented Jesus and Awestruck in a powerful way!  (Silly Video coming soon.)

I finally saw the new Batman movie on Saturday.  I can’t wait to go back!  Thanks to Steggy for making me stay out late so I could see this movie.  Wow is all I can say.  You need to see this movie at least once, but do not take your kids!  So after not getting to bed until after 1 am on Friday and Saturday, I am trying to complete all the tedious tasks of starting our church.  So many details and so little time.  God has provided in huge ways so far, I am trusting Him in the small stuff to.  It is an honor to know how much God cares about our new church.

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