There is Hope (Camp Willow Run)

Last week was amazing!  I had been praying for God to do big things at Camp Willow Run, but never expected Him to blow my mind in so many ways.  First of all, I must say again that the staff at CWR is first class.  In 21 years of camp (as a camper or a leader) I have never seen a staff so mature and gifted as I did this week.  Secondly, the facilities were so fantastic and the food was delicious!  Me and Micah got to do this “Giant Swing” thing where they harness you to a cable and pull you 40 feet in the air then drop you.  It was one of the best Father/Son bonding moments we have had in his short 4 years on this planet.  With that said, the most important part of the week was the way God moved in the lives of the campers.  We did not give emotional invitations and make people feel guilty about useless things to push them to a decision!  No candles and soft music to set the mood!  I just straight up preached the Gospel (I flat brought it too) and watched God penetrate hearts.  A large number of campers made first time decisions and the majority stepped up to the challenge to become the hope for their generation.  

I am a firm believer that this generation of teenagers has the possibility of seeing God move like never before!  I also believe that something huge began last week at Camp Willow Run and I cannot wait to watch and see how those students are going to turn the world upside down for the fame of Jesus Christ!  It was my honor to be part of such a great week.

    • Rebecca
    • July 28th, 2008

    Aww,, Josh, thank you so much for speaking to the camp. you were truely amazing and you touched me deeply. i hope you come back next year and tell your family hi and micha i miss him.

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