I stink at Archery!

I have been at Camp Willow Run in Littleton, NC all week as Camp Speaker.  This might be one of the greatest experiences I have ever had at summer camp.  The facilities and the staff are top notch.  The activities are incredible.  I have been kayaking on the lake, shooting arrows, riding the “Big Red Shark” behind the boat, and watching kids swing from cables attached to tall trees.  They have a climbing wall and High Ropes course that ends with a 70 foot tall zip line into the lake.  The coolest part of the deal is that I am sleeping in a renovated train car!  What a great place.  I understand why the entire summer fills up by the first day of registration!  They received 1,800 applications on the first day.  That is amazing.

The High School students here this week have been such a great group.  Four students made first time decisions on the Sunday night!  I believe the majority of the kids understand what it means to be a “Christian”, but like most High Schoolers (and adults for that matter) are struggling with living out their relationship with Jesus.  My challenge this week has been to become the Hope for their generation.  A large majority of the  students have stepped up big time to the challenge every night!  We have had some great conversations with different students about their concern for their relationship and their lost friends.  God is doing some amazing things in the lives of each person here and I am honored to be a part of it.  Pray that the rest of the week keeps on getting better.

  1. this will be a great week!

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