Called to Lead…Learning to Trust

I was listening to a message by Mark Driscoll the other day and he said something that really peaked my interest.  I can’t remember it word for word, but the theme of his statement is what penetrated my heart.  You can give all the resources and money to a person that is not qualified to lead and regardless of how much they have, they will fail.  On the other hand, it has been proven that people that are called to lead will succeed regardless of their resources because they will find a way to make it happen.  I began to think back over my life and my 10 years of full time ministry through this filter over the past few days.  Many times I have survived on nothing with no one around me to help.  Many times I have seen great things take place out of a simple and seemingly scarce plan.  I have lead large groups and small, each with great outcomes.  I have failed more times than I can count along the way, but each time I got back up and learned how not to make the same mistakes.  

After reflecting on Driscoll’s statements I would say that God has called and equipped me to be a leader!  I would add one very important fact from my own experience to his statement.  I have never made something out of nothing without God coming through and providing a way.  Whenever I am following his perfect plan for me, He always comes through in mighty ways.  Today was one of those days.  It seems that God has always taken me to a place of total dependence before He comes through to rescue me.  He has never rescued me only to put me back where I started.  Every time He provides the way it is always more spectacular and grandiose than I could have ever imagined.  Much larger than my simple ways could ever comprehend.  Giving me everything I need and all the things that I would have never known to ask for!  His ways are mighty and his favor makes me stand in Awe!

  1. So, who are you serving?
    The worldly “leadership” style – “make it happen” depends upon human wisdom and works. But the scriptures tell us that God despises the things the world is impressed by.

  2. Ted,
    I serve a God who is faithful to provide and guide me in what He has called me to do! I am not saying that I am a fan or critic of Driscoll, simply siting one statement he made that God used to penetrate my heart. This post was intended to brag on no one but my savior and provider! Perhaps another reading of what I say about dependence of God is in order?

  3. Great post Josh. I love reading your blog. i quote you often.

    ted, You serve God by serving/leading People, Like Jesus. Jesus was a Leader, he lead people by serving them and then gave God the Glory for it. The Greatest movement leader of all time. We “as gifted leaders” get to emulate Jesus’ leadership, while also at the same time realize that we can lead because he Is the KING. He is not just the example he is the fulfillment.

  4. Thanks man! Hope things are great your way with Passion Church. After following up on Ted I have learned that he is more upset that I quoted Mark Driscoll than anything. Thanks for your comments.

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