Being Weak is not a…Weakness?

This has definitely been a long tiring month for me, full of ups and downs.  I was hoping to sleep late this morning and catch up from many restless nights, but my mind is still in overdrive processing everything in my near future.  Take speaking at two camps in three weeks and place the most stressful week in the history of Awestruck right in the middle of them, and you have the perfect recipe for a fatigue sandwich.  I am worn out mentally, physically and even spiritually.  Let me be clear on this, I am NOT throwing myself a little pity party.  (like I did when I broke my toe)  I am actually encouraged about my condition this morning.  I am more fully understanding what Paul was saying in these verses about how God works in our life.  I am comprehending that when I am at the place of being totally incapable and useless, God is at His best.  When I get to the place of ignorance is when I have no other options than to fully depend on God’s wisdom.  When I cannot physically take one more step is when I am moving in God’s direction because He is guiding me!  For when I am weak, then He is strong.  I have this incredible promise from God, “My gracious favor is all you need.  My power is works best in your weakness.”  God make me weak and more dependent!

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