Still Homeless, but Encouraged

I knew there would be struggles along the journey of planting a new church!  I was not naive when we began this deal, but I definitely miscalculated where the struggle would take place!  Yet another rejection from a possible location almost sent me into a tailspin, but I was able to pull it together and refocus before my mind went off the deep end.  I really thought this was going to be the place, but apparently God has bigger plans or it is not quite in His timing?  Either way, this situation has forced me back to a place of reliance that I had moved away from in the past few weeks.  I had become comfortable with my own efforts.  What a dangerous place to live…content with what we can do on our own.  That is not where I will choose to stay.  Today is a new day and I am back on the war path to complete this incomparable mission God has infused into my heart!  I am thankful that I do not walk alone.  My leadership team is smothering this deal in prayer and I have great friends to pray and encourage us along the way.  I want to share what This Guy responded with today after getting the request.  It made my day!

“Bro – we are DEFINITELY praying for you guys during this time.  Let me know if I can do anything to help!  Just know this is your stretching moment.  God wants to find out if you guys are fore-real – he wants to know when it gets tough – are you willing to stick with it?  Hey if it were easy – you would be standing in line waiting to plant a church.  There is a reason great church plants are few and far between. 

 I honestly believe God is taking you through this time to pull your team together and prepare you for what is about to come.  You guys are going to grow through this situation bro and God is going to use this in ways you just can’t understand right now.  Look at the story he is writing for Awestruck.  This is chapter 1 of your incredible story!!  You will look back on this one day and tell people that you truly saw the hand of God because he did things that you couldn’t do.  You can’t make (blank) open their doors, but God can.  
I am pulling up a chair – sitting on the front row [possibly grabbing a few snacks] and watching God do his thing through you guys.  We are rooting for you bro!  I am waiting for Guilford Co. to become forever Awestruck!!”
Please be Advised, Awestruck is coming to a location near you and it is going to be Incredible!!!  Please join us in praying for the perfect door to open in God’s perfect timing.  Thanks.
  1. we are praying for you guys bro!! We know God has some HUGE things in-store!!

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