Misplaced Stickers?

Saturday morning I took my son Micah to Lowes to build a dune buggy out of wood.  This is becoming a Saturday morning ritual whenever it is available.  Ever since he was old enough to understand we have been having “Man Day”.  One of his first sentences was, “No girls allowed”.  (I taught him that…haha)  We love to do projects and ball games and music stores on our “Man Day” outings.  So we are building this “Dune Buggy” (looked more like a tank, but who am I to judge?) and towards the completion of our project I realized this day brought about a new challenge.  Usually I place the nails into the pre-drilled holes as instructed and then let him pound the mess out them while protecting my fingers.  All the pieces were nailed and it was time to place the stickers!  Being the obsessive compulsive type, I wanted all the stickers to go exactly where the picture says they should go!  As he peeled off his first sticker he informed me that it went on the back and I cringed as he placed it in the wrong place.  I could not convince him otherwise and it is his dune buggy tank, so I just backed down and let him proceed.  Only two stickers ended up where I wanted them to go, and that is because I insisted that the side window cannot go on the bottom!  

I had a crucial realization as we were working together that rocked my way of thinking and put into light something that I hope I never forget.  As his daddy it is not my job to force him into being just like me and doing things the way I would do them.  I am only there to guide and make sure that he doesn’t get too far off track.  It goes deeper!  As a pastor, I am not supposed to have all the answers for each person’s life.  I am merely there to guide with scriptural wisdom and insight, not force every person at Awestruck into the “Josh Box”.  God has created us as individuals with our own personality and purpose.  My role is to educate and inspire my folks to find the path that God has specifically designed for them and then make sure they don’t get too far off track.

    • Beth
    • July 15th, 2008

    I agree with you on the sticker thing. What’s worse than them being in the wrong place is the sticker being crooked. I can’t stand a crooked sticker! Then, when you try and fix it, it rips. So now, not only do you have a crooked sticker, you have a ripped crooked sticker. Odds are, when you pulled the sticker up, it also left all its sticky stuff on whatever you were sticking it to. So, you have a ripped crooked sticker that doesn’t actually stick to anything, with white residue showing the world that your sticker was once really, really crooked, instead of the present state of slightly crooked.

    I use stickers with caution. They aren’t worth the angst you go through.

    • “Mrs. Sheila”
    • July 17th, 2008

    Dad, I’m proud of ya! Next time I think you should let him put the window on the bottom. Maybe that’s how they came up w/glass-bottomed boats. :0)

    I hope it won’t offend you to learn that the colors on your site here make my eyes hurt. But I read it anyway…

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