Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot….

I am still jacked up from a rockin’ Rock Band shindig tonight.  I was invited by someone that I met through  a sister of girl I went to high school with.  A month ago I did not know him and he did not know me, nor did we care that each other existed.  But tonight we were jamming out to Weezer, Radio Head, and Boston like we had known each other for years.  The point is that each one of us has a circle of influence.  What is really neat is when different circles begin to intersect with each other.  I know that I can only have a close relationship with a small number of people, but I love it when new relationships form as a result of meeting someone who has a relationship with one of my people.  Are you jiving with me here?  A great moment for me tonight was when someone in the room said she was excited about Awestruck and she had been telling her friends about it.  Then I began to meet her friends that told me they were excited about Awestruck.  Are you kidding me?  People that I have never even met are discussing our new church without me having a clue!  This deal is going to be huge because we believe it is important to reach people one relationship at a time.  We are not forming friendships for the sake of tricking people into coming to our church.  What we are doing is living life in the real world and as a result of that people lives are impacted.  Walking, talking, hanging out, and standing with each other through the good and bad is what church is all about.  If my circle can impact their circle to impact their circle, etc., then the possibilities are endless of the number of people’s lives that can be changed through the love and grace of Jesus!

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