Not all is fair in love and war!

Last night started my whim of being a camp speaker this summer.  I am pumped to be at the YFC camp with this guy all week long.  I will be at camp Willow Run starting July 20.  This week we are talking about the armor of God.  I must admit that I wasn’t too excited about this topic!  In my mind I had reduced these verses to a VBS kids deal that is not all that important to my life.  Oh how wrong I was.  The last few weeks I have been digging in to help bring this deal to life and I have been radically impacted by these verses.  The truth is that each one of us is in a battle.  We don’t have the option to back out.  If we choose to run then we are at more danger because the armor does not cover our back.  What God has equipped us with are the essentials for moving forward.  We should be on the attack, not the defensive!  This is what has been the great eye opener for me.  A not so subtle reminder of something I have known a long time, but pushed to the back corners of my brain.  The devil hates me and wants me to fail.  He hates you too!  He will do whatever he can to take you out, but his greatest tactic is to get you to take yourself out of the game.  He will convince you that sin is more fun than it really is.  He will convince you that God’s ways are not the best plan.  And he will constantly remind you of your past failures to show you how unworthy you are.  The devil hates you and wants you to fail, BUT God loves you more than the devil could ever hate you.  That is why he provided the proper tools to fight off the attacks.  The armor is not just something we learned about on the flannel board in VBS, it is vital to surviving and growing in your relationship with Jesus everyday.

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