I almost lost my toe!


Oh yeah, We Rock!

Oh yeah, We Rock!

My toe, my poor little toe!  I am not the whiny type that complains about pain, but this joker hurts.  I will spare you the details, but Kayla and Amber were lucky enough to see it uncovered and it was enough to force them into their car and out of the parking lot?  Kind of Frankensteinish.  The bad part is that I don’t even know how it happened.  Well, I know how it happened, but I don’t know how so much damage was caused in one freak accident.  It started as a great night breaking in the new Rock Band game for the Wii.  Evan and Heather came over for some omelets and banana pancakes and then it was on!  We all laughed and played with no cares in the world.  My daughter Adyson had an issue with not touching my, I mean the kids, new toy all night long.  Towards the end of the night I caught her attempting to dismantle the drums so I took action.  I jumped up and scooped her in my arms to take her into her room for her “punishment”.  (can’t say spanking these days b/c someone will report you.  Whatever you call it, she was about to get a whoopin’.)  The next step was the fatal one that brought an awkwardly abrupt ending to our night of fun.  I planted my right foot directly on a blanket and slid across the floor into the hallway.  Keep in mind that Adyson was still squirming in my arms the entire time.  On my way down I landed on Micah’s keyboard that for some strange reason was sitting in the middle of the hall.  I was able to save Adyson from the impact, but my left leg and pinky toe absorbed the all the impact.  I got up, trying to pretend it didn’t hurt, and put Ady in her bed.  Then I hurried to the kitchen apply direct pressure and stop the bleeding.  I don’t know what I cut my toe on, but somehow I have multiple lacerations and brusing that have caused me pain like I cannot describe!  Who knew your little bitty toe could be so important to standing up and walking?  No spiritual implications or deep theology for this story yet.  Just a weak attempt for sympathy.

  1. July 17th, 2008

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