Plans for the 4th

That is what everyone asks me.  “What are your plans for the 4th?”  I have huge plans for today!  They are the same as they were for the 3rd and the 5th.  I guess we are the weird family that never goes anywhere for this holiday.  The reason is because I hate big crowds.  That might sound odd, but I do not like to be surrounded by large numbers of strange people so we just stay home.  Don’t get me wrong, I want enormous crowds to show up at Awestruck, but it is just creepy to be around a bunch of sweaty goof balls at “Fun Fourth” events.  We might go to Walmart and buy some imitation fireworks for later tonight.  My neighbor always puts on a stellar fireworks display that we watch from the back deck without all the parking issues and awkward people walking too close to me and my family.  We will also be watching the Cubs beat up on the Cardinals tonight to stay the leaders in the NL Central.  This really could be the year for my boys!  They are whooping tail at Wrigley…33-10!  Sorry to this guy, but Houston really has no chance.  

Hope you all have a great Independence Day and remember that Freedom is not Free!  Remember all our troops who have paid the price for our freedom.

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