My Boy is so Rock n Roll

My son Micah and I love going to concerts together.  At the age of 4 he already loves music.  He loves to listen and play.  He is probably going to be deaf by the age of 10, but he is having a blast now.  I take him with me to as many venues as I can because he loves it!  Tonight we went to support some former students at what I would lovingly call a “screamo” concert.  The kind of music that you can’t understand the words.  This is not usually my cup of tea, but I loved seeing my boys do their thing.  Micah was on my shoulders right up front having the time of his life.  When I tried to move back he repeatedly smacked me on the head and screamed go back up front.  Did I mention that he loves it?  For Christmas last year he got a set of drums that he loves to play.  He also has a few guitars, harmonicas, bongos, and a keyboard.  We don’t even need a television in our house because he provides the entertainment.  Of all the things we do together, our times at the concerts is our favorite.  My boy is so Rock n Roll and I love it.

Here is a short clip of him jamming on his drums.  This was taken in January and he is already much better.  I don’t know where he got his rhythm from?

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