Not much of a “Zone”

(Disclaimer:  My wife read this and said I was too cruel with my review.  She liked her food and the guy who helped us was very nice.  She is so much kinder than me!  At her request, I am adding a disclaimer that this merely my opinion of what could have been a bad one time experience.  I have also removed the name of the place…sort of.)

I like to consider myself a connoisseur of all things hot and spicy, especially hot wings!  I like sauce so hot that it makes my nose run and chaps my lips.  There are good wings, great wings, and those that should not have attempted to make wings.  Tonight I experienced the taste of those in the last category.  The majority of their menu consists of Wings and they didn’t get it right.  One would assume that a place with Wing in it’s name is boasting of a mastery of the skill and taste of wings.  Oh how wrong your assumption would be!  I will continue to eat my wings from “Wings to Go“, “Buffalo’s”, and “Buffalo Wild Wings“.  With the occasional stop at the home of the forbidden wing for Baptist preachers, Hooters. 

  1. Thanks for the nice plug!

    Wings To Go Corp.

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